Kunzite Classic Basmati

Kunzite Classic Basmati rice is world's longest rice grains, fully matured and aged upto 2 years. The grains are white creamish, long & slender, naturally aromatic, elongates more than double upon cooking that elevates your plate extraordinarily being rich in taste and texture. It transforms dishes into delicious exceptional meals having tentalizing aroma and delectable taste when it is cooked either in your home for everyday consumption or when eating out on any occasion and celebrations.

Kunzite Sella Basmati

Kunzite Sella Basmati rice is nutritious milled Parboiled Extra Long Grain Basmati rice obtained by eliminating husk, bran and germ from paddy seeds. This variety of rice is creamy white in color, possess unique cooking properties, elongates double upon cooking, has dry texture, firm and tender grains without splitting. It is best suitable for home and bulk institutional cooking in HORECA sectors across the world in many types of dishes like biryani, kabsa, pulao, maqluba, mansaf, mandi, jolof and timman jizar.