Managing Director's Note

I promise that the product you hold in your hands has been made with the finest quality
Message From Managing Director

Progress for me has never been a dream. It has always been a distant reality and once one milestone is achieved, there is always another one waiting to be crossed. I always eager to break the shackles that confine me to the norm, I aim to go beyond and only way to do that is to keep an eye towards the future. Unleashing the power of grains, one harvest at a time. As the Chairman of Navbharat Ricetek, I am committed to revolutionizing the rice industry with our innovative techniques, sustainable practices, and unparalleled quality.

Navbharatricetek will continues its efforts to produce and provide our customers with excellent quality rice without any compromise. Join us on this journey as we redefine what it means to bring nourishment and flavor to your table. Together, let's fuel your culinary adventures with the finest grains nature has to offer.

Managing Director