Corporate Values

Our Corporate Values
  • Ethics : This is the core of our being, the essence of the soul of the company, an unshakeable part of our foundation, a value we cherish beyond measure.
  • Excellence : By aiming for the stars one can reach the moon. Likewise, by aiming for perfection we gain excellence.
  • Trust : Trust is earned, not bought. It takes hard work to get there and even more hard work to retain it. We have never failed our customers or vendors who trust us implicitly in whatever the transaction may be.
  • Gratitude : People empower us. Whether it is employees, vendors or buyers, they are responsible for our growth and success. We cherish them.
  • Quality : If a batch is not up to the mark, we dump it. If customers call, we attend promptly. Quality in service leads to quality in all aspects of our operations.
  • Promptness : Delay is equivalent to denial. In this perspective we respond promptly to customers and to vendors and to any situation for fastest resolution. Every little thing is important to us.